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Jetstar Japan Miyako (Shimojijima) Route, New Service on March 30, 2019!

Jetstar Japan

Miyako (Shimojijima) Route, New Service on March 30, 2019!

Memorial sale start from 12/16 (Friday) 12 o'clock (noon)

Super Star sale ★ Miyako (Shimojima) commemoration commemoration | Sales period

November 16 (Friday) 12:00 (noon) - November 21 (Wed) 18: 00

How, one way 385 (after Miyako) yen sale also held!

We will open a new Narita - Shimojijima (Miyako) line.

Shimochijima Airport in Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture,

A red pier that extends into a pale blue sea. The sight which is too painting is exactly "the most beautiful jetty in Japan" be called,

"Underground Airport 17 End"

Even just looking at it, I'm deeply impressed,

I can get off the plane there.

I have no choice but to ride this.

The departure and arrival of regular flights is over 20 years ago.

In the usual period, 4 round trips per week on Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,

We will depart Narita Airport to 7:00 am and Shimochimajima Airport to 11 am.


Busy seasons such as Golden Week are daily flights.

Fly at Miyakojima with jet star,

Akiba cart, scenic drive to Kojima!

From Friday, November 16 (Fri) 10:00 am, the website, convenience store, It is released at a travel agency etc. One way fare is 6990 yen to 43990 yen (payment commission, checked baggage fee etc is different).

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