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Beach division Miyakojima with "Yonaha Maehama beach" elected No. 1 in 2019


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What is Miyakojima
Miyakojima Direction
Miyakojima Activity
Miyakojima Hotel


★ About Miyakojima


Miyakojima is a remote island floating about 280 km southeast of Naha.
Compared to Okinawa main island where many people are lively, the air of Miyakojima is calm as much as possible. While enjoying the splendor of nature, you can relax restfully.
In Miyakojima, "Yonaha Front Mihama (Yonaha Maehama)" which is sometimes referred to as "Oriental Beautiful Beach"

Yoshino Coast "where coral reef shines in the sea which boasts top level transparency even on the island, and many spots suitable for the sea play and photography and movie shooting are also enjoyable even if you visit here for the purpose.

It is also famous for having a large bridge connecting remote islands.


Kamama Ohashi, Ikebishima Ohashi, Irabu Ohashi.

Starry sky full mark
Miyakojima is reputed as a starfish in Okinawa but also a starry sky is beautiful. If the weather is nice, the Milky Way will be seen normally!


The recommendation is the view from the beach with less light as well.

The starry sky seen in "Yonaha Maehama", which is said to be the most beautiful beach in Toyo, is impressive.


You can see how many stars shine so that you can taste the feeling that "stars are about to fall" just like this. In addition, the starry sky from "Komanjima" located in the "Eastern Heian Nagasaki" and southwest of Miyakojima is a spectacular starry spot with few lights around.


If the weather is good at the timing around the new moon which is not disturbed by the moonlighting, you should be able to see many shooting stars overnight!


★ Miyakojima Get Directions


This time, three ways to go to Tokyo from Miyakojima to such Miyakojima
We compare thoroughly with "direct flight from Haneda airport", "direct flight from Narita airport" and "via airport from Naha airport" with information such as fee, required time, and timetable.
Access to Miyakojima

Roughly, this means of transportation
· About 50 minutes from Naha by airplane! One flight (over) per hour, plenty of flights!
· Direct flight departing from Haneda to early morning (JAL) and daytime (ANA) is also convenient! One way is about 170 minutes!
· From Narita Let's Jetstar, Tokyo (Narita) ~ Miyako (Shimojijima) One way ¥ 6,990!

When going by air from Okinawa
JAL Airplane
Round trip 12,600 yen ~ · One way is about 50 minutes
(Narita → Naha at LCC ※ roundtrip approximately 12,000 yen · about 180 minutes for one way)


Flight schedule (JAL) from Naha (Naha airport → Miyako airport)

Flight number From Naha to Miyako station Remarks

JTA 551 07: 25 08: 15
RAC 801 08: 00 08: 55
JTA 557 10: 40 11: 35
JTA 559 12: 10 13: 10
JTA 563 14: 20 15: 15
JTA 565 15: 20 16: 15
JTA 567 16: 25 17: 20
JTA 571 17: 15 18: 10
JTA 573 18: 15 19: 10


Timetable of airplane (ANA) from Naha (Naha airport → Miyako airport)

Flight number From Naha to Miyako station Remarks

ANA 1721 09: 35 10: 30
ANA 1723 10: 35 11: 30
ANA 1725 13: 00 13: 55
ANA 1189 15: 20 16: 15
ANA 1727 16: 00 16: 55
ANA 1729 17: 00 17: 55


【One way travel time】 Approximately 45 to 55 minutes
【One-way fare (adult)】 JAL 6,300 yen · ANA 6,500 yen ~ (Early booking discount.Normal fare is 20,900 yen both)

If there are such numbers, there is no worry that you will be kept waiting for a long time no matter when you arrive at Naha at LCC like JAL, ANA, or Vanilla Air (until departure of the next flight)

"Even if you stayed in Naha for several hours (or heading to Miyakojima early in the morning after you stayed overnight), you can think of your travel plan without being bound by the departure time.


If you use the largest early booking discount (up to 75 days prior to the date of boarding ※) and pick a slightly late time flight, the fee from Naha to Miyakojima will be cut off 7,000 yen.


Narita → Naha of LCC at the same time is about 6,000 yen.
It will be able to go from Kanto to Miyakojima with 13,000 yen each way. This cheapness and flexibility (due to the large number of flights) can be said to be a major attraction of airplanes from Naha.

When going from Tokyo by direct flight (JAL or ANA)

JAL Airplane
Round trip 49,580 yen ~ · One way approximately 165 ~ 175 minutes

Timetable of direct flight (JAL · ANA) from Haneda Airport to Miyako Airport
July 1 - 2018, September 30
Airline name Flight number departure arrival remarks
JAL JTA 021 06: 40 09: 25 September 1 - 09: 30 arrival
ANA ANA 87 11: 55 09: 25


【One way travel time】 Approximately 165 to 175 minutes
【One-way fare (adult)】 22,290 yen ~ (Early booking discount, ordinary fare is 64,890 yen)

The departure time of direct flight from Haneda is JAL's early morning flight · ANA is daytime.
So, if you want to leave slowly and want to leave early, go back and forth with ANA. If you want to lengthen your stay in Miyakojima even a little, we recommend returning in JAL.

The lowest price (22,290 yen) at the early reservation discount for direct flights is nearly twice the lowest price (about 13,000 yen) in the case of "going to Miyakojima by JAL · ANA after flying to Naha at LCC".
If you pay attention only to the fee, "Naha till LCC + Naha to JAL · ANA" is more attractive than direct flights, but direct flights can receive services unique to major airlines without interruption from departure to arrival I will.

In addition, the short travel time is the attraction of direct flights. The flight time from Haneda to Naha is about 150 to 160 minutes, about 180 minutes from Narita, about 50 minutes from Naha.
When comparing direct flights with flights, it takes at least 20 minutes for transit waiting time, so it takes about an hour and a half to average on average.

★ Miyakojima Activity


The average maximum temperature of Okinawa Miyakojima does not fall below 20 ℃ throughout the year. So it is a paradise where you can enjoy marine sports and outdoor activities all year long.
"Snorkeling that can swim with sea turtles, popular event stand up paddle board (SUP), mangrove kayak and diving super classic marine sports can be done.
Experiences of "sea fishing / fishing boat (fishing)" that can be enjoyed by family and groups and "photography / photo studio" leaving photogenic memories have recently gained popularity.
In diving, the blue cave is famous. This phenomenon seawater in the cave appears to shine blue due to refraction of light. It is a very mysterious and beautiful place.
"Sea kayak" has a tour that you can see rare animals and plants that you can not see in Honshu.
Among them, mangroves are plants which are native only here in Miyakojima and Okinawa main island. It seems that it is like a jungle that roofed in the area of ​​"brackish water" where salt water and fresh water mix.
Tours around the rich mangrove forest naturally living in a small cove in Miyakojima are held around the year through relaxing kayaks.

★ Miyakojima Hotel


It is Miyakojima's representative resort "Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda" and Tokyu Resort.

"Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda" is a luxury hotel in all suites,.
Besides, there are marine turtles in the lagoon on the premises, so there is no doubt that children will be delighted.
Room Pool Villa Lagoon Suite with Private Pool "is a lagoon (pond) soon outside the room, and there is a sea turtle free.

Tokyu Resort
It is easy to use as a family.
Because private beach and pool go directly from the room and it is quite convenient to put in immediately.
And, above all, the "Yonaha Maehama Beach" which is said to be the most beautiful of the East.
The reason for being chosen as Japan's best beach in numerous guide books and rankings is the high-transparency of the Miyako Blue Sea and a fine and pure white sand beach.
After being healed by the sea of ​​the everlasting summer, let 's spend a relaxing time unique to the remote island by crossing the coming Ohashi Bridge that is visible in front of you.

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