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Q. What kind of driver’s license do I need?

A. Driver’s licenses which permit driving of automobiles for Foreigner
in Japan are as follows:

■Japanese driver’s license
Driver’s licenses issued by public safety commissions in Japan.
■International driving permit
International driving permit issued in one of the signatory countries/territories (not including Japan)
of the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949).
Must be able to simultaneously present passport.
■ Foreign driver’s licenses
Drivers with licenses issued by Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia,
Monaco or Taiwan must be able to simultaneously present their passport and
a Japanese translation of their driver’s license.
■SOFA License for USFJ 


Q. How many people can ride? 

A. One person for one Kart.

Q. Can I ride with my friends?

A.Yes,We have 8 Karts.

Q.Can I driving SOFA license?

A .  YES, you can drive with SOFA license.

Q. What about an Insurance Compensation?

A.  The following amount will be paid as compensation for an unexpected accident.
■Bodily injury : Unlimited per person (including automobile liability insurance)
■Property damage : Unlimited per accident (a charge of JPY 50,000 will be incurred for exclusion of liability)
■Physical disability Up to JPY 5 million per person
※Compensation will be paid for injuries to passengers (including death and residual disability) regardless of the degree of the driver’s responsibility (up to JPY 30,000,000: the amount of damage will be calculated by the insurance company based on the insurance clause).

※The amount of damage that is not covered or paid for by compensation shall be covered by the customer.
※Insurance does not cover any accidents specified by the disclaimers in the insurance agreement.
Insurance may also not cover accidents for which an accident report has not been issued by a police officer.

Q.  Can I decorate something with ornaments for the cart?

A.  Yes, you can.  Please contact us for more information.

Q.  Can I buy the cart?

A. No, you can’t.

Q  Can I return the cart to another location?

A.  No, you can’t.  Please return the cart to our parking lot.

Q.  Can I park the cart at coin parking?

A.    Yes, you can.
But we will not take any responsibility for any trouble (theft damage etc.) to the cart during parking.
Please use it at your own risk.

Q.  Can I drive that in rainy weather?

A.   Yes, you can.
But we hardly recommend that to you.

Q.  How do I change or cancel a reservation?

A.You can cancel without paying any cancellation fee until 15 days before the reservation date.
Please note that we will not be able to accept all of your desired day and time.

【Cancellation Charges】 Per 1 cart (Included : Change of the number of people)
15 days before the rental day    :  Free of charge
2-14 days before the rental day :  25% of the basic rental charge
The day before the rental day   :  50% of the basic rental charge
Date of rental                                :  100% of the basic rental charge
※In case of raining(including:: a typhoon) on that very day, you don’t need to pay cancellation fee if you book the alternative date.  We will refund the total amount after deducting a handling fee(JPY 500).  Please contact us if the arrival time may be delayed due to bad weather (like a typhoon).

Q.  What should I do if I get a parking ticket?

A.   When a parking violation sticker is attached to a rented cart
・Report to the police station shown on the parking violation sticker.
・Go through the formalities and pay the fine.
・Present documents received from the police and receipt for penalty when you return the rented cart after going through the formalities.
※We will let you know as soon as we are contacted from the police.

When you fail to complete the formalities before returning a rented car,
We will charge you an illegal parking fee of ¥30,000 designated by our company.

Moreover, if you fail to A) complete the formalities or B) pay the illegal parking fee, we will report you to the police, Public Safety Commission, and any further requests from you for rental carts will be refused from us. If you go to the police after returning the cart, pay the penalty, and present the parking violation sticker and receipt to us, we will refund the illegal parking fee.

Q.  Can I rent the costume for cosplay? 

A.   No, you cannot.
But we will lend you without a fee the costume which was used by our promotion or donated from visitors.

Q.  Where can I park my own car?

A.   Yes

<Reservations and inquiries>

To make a reservation  from reservation form .

Please tell us your pick-up date and time, and the number of persons.

Please feel free to contact us!

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